CSA’s Staff Lectured on Policy and Evidence-Based Policymaking

Robert Serge Saint-Pé

As part of a continuous internal training session within the Civil Service Agency (CSA) in fostering effective governance and informed decision-making, the Director-General of the Agency delivered a captivating lecture to his Staff on the fundamental goal of policy; and the magnitude of evidence-based policymaking.

Director-General James A. Thompson’s inspiring teaching shed light on the transformative power of policy and its potential to shape policies that positively impact society. The lecture was an empowering factor for Civil Servants to embrace a data-driven approach and harness the strength of empirical research evidence in their policymaking endeavors.

In his discourse to the Senior Staff of the Agency in attendance, the Director-General opened his lecture by defining policy and emphasizing the critical role it plays in transforming societies and driving progress. With eloquence and passion, he outlined the primary goal of policy as the collective pursuit of public welfare, highlighting the importance of ensuring policies that are inclusive, equitable, and responsive to the needs of all citizens. Drawing an example from a relatable level, he stated that sometimes before the deduction of an employee’s salary who continuously goes to work late, the Welfare Division should investigate the problem, because perhaps the deduction of the salary may not help resolve the issue, and that in some cases it might worsen the problem.

In order to effectively resolve the situation, he advised that evidence-based policymaking should be made to ensure the salary deduction policy is practiced and applicable to both parties.

Hon. Thompson further delved into the concept of evidence-based policymaking, urging civil servants to embrace a systematic approach to decision-making that relies on credible data and rigorous analysis. He emphasized the need to bridge the gap between policy design and its real-world impact, asserting that evidence-based policymaking serves as a compass to navigate complex societal challenges.

In researching the needs and salary of civil servants, the LPA scheme was established to improve accessibility and quality of care for civil servants and steer policies towards tangible outcomes. By employing rigorous research methodologies, civil servants can gather and analyze data to understand the social, economic, and environmental consequences of various policy options, leading to more informed decision-making.

Recognizing the need to equip Civil Servants with the needed skills for evidence-based policymaking and other profitable skills, Hon. Thompson outlined that the CSA has begun enhancing Civil Servants’ capacity by making provision basis internal and external training meant to lift and support their professional growth.

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