The Civil Service Agency is currently managing all pension activities in collaboration with the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP). Effective July 1, 2018, the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) took over the management of the National Pension Fund. This is in keeping with an amendment to the New Executive Law establishing the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation of the Republic of Liberia. Meanwhile, the CSA still continues to receive pension requests from Government Ministries, Agencies, Commissions, and other State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) that are desirous of retiring employees who have qualified for retirement due to age or ill-health. Please see the below procedures governing the retirement process.

  1. As per the new Pension Laws that came into effect on February 13, 2017, qualification for pension is based on Age 60 and Ill-Health. Retirement based on ill-health must be supported by an official medical report signed and stamped by a qualified
  1. All requests for the retirement of employees should be sent to the Director-General of the Civil Service Agency on a quarterly basis along with a matrix bearing the following information:
    1. Name of Employees
    2. Sex
    3. Position
    4. Payroll Number/Employee ID
    5. National Identification Number
    6. Date of Birth
    7. Date of Employment
    8. Monthly Gross Salary
    9. County/area of Assignment
    10. Remarks (pension criteria: either due to age or ill-health)
    11. Telephone number(s)

Considering that the employees have been contributing to the NASSCORP Retirement Pension Scheme, the NASSCORP “Social Security Benefits Claim Form” (C1) must be filled with historical and current payroll information for the last Ten (10) years leading to retirement and submitted along with the matrix in count 2 above. Two passport-sized photos with blue or red background should be attached to the C1 form and a copy of the retiree retirement letter prior to submission.

  1. When the relevant documents (2 passport size photos, C-1 Form & retirement letter) are submitted, they are vetted by the CSA to ascertain the criteria for pension due to age or ill-health and ensure compliance with payroll information required by NASSCORP.
  2. The CSA Pensions Unit to invite the Human Resource Manager/Officer for institutional verification of CSA’s vetted
  3. The CSA in collaboration with NASSCORP to conduct a pre-retirement counseling workshop at a designated date, time and venue determined by the
  4. An official communication along with all required documents is then sent to NASSCORP for processing of employees’ pension
  5. Once the employees are transitioned to the National Pension Payroll by NASSCORP, the official retirement program will be held in consultation with the institution and NASSCORP. Please note that the date, time, and venue for the retirement program is provided by the
  6. The CSA to request from the MFDP, an allotment for the retirees’ handshake package. The handshake package per employee is based on tenure. The handshake package is determined as follows: (from 1-24yrs – US$350.00; from 25 – 29yrs – US$500.00; from 30-39yrs – US$700.00; and 40yrs & above – US$1,000.00). This package is given during the official retirement program held by the institution.
  • Expense vouchers are prepared by the CSA and submitted to the MFDP for the raising of handshake checks in favor of the
  • MFDP then informs the CSA of the readiness of the handshake checks for disbursement during the official retirement.

     7. The official retirement program is then organized by the institution in collaboration with the CSA.

    1. The institution picks up the format of the retirement program and certificate from the CSA
    2. The institution prepares the draft program and certificate for review and approval by the CSA

    8. The formal retirement program is held by the institution at a designated date, time, and venue determined by the institution.

Please note that institutions are at liberty to provide retirement package for their retirees outside of the handshake package provided by the Government of Liberia. However, in the event wherein Government is unable to provide said package due to budgetary constraints or other reasons, the institution can use its own package as a substitute.