Career Management & Training

It is the objective of this Directorate to provide employee training in support of one of the goals of the Civil Service which is to promote training and development of all civil servants in line with Civil Service training and development policies and programs. These training programs are designed to sustain the delivery capacity of the Civil Service as the main Government policy formulation and implementation institution. This Directorate establishes linkages and protocols with other public sectors, private sector, non-governmental organizations, and international institutions to provide career development opportunities for potential leaders and executive management personnel of the Civil Service. Where possible, it liaises with the Liberian Institute of Public Administration (LIPA) to make available training/instructional programs and/or experiences designed to help employees become more effective, efficient, and professional workers equipped with the knowledge and skills to advance their careers.

Consultation and Training Need Assessment is a core mandate of this Directorate. Therefore, there must be an effective collaboration with the Management Services Directorate to review the qualifications, experience, and competencies required for existing jobs. Collaborative efforts should include the design and implementation of career development planning and processes to capture and maintain a robust database on job profiles, job descriptions, schemes of service, training, and competencies needed for various career paths.