Human Resources Policy Unit

The Office of the HR Policy Director is a cross-cutting Unit under the Deputy Director-General for Human Resources Policy and Management. The role is responsible to work with all Directorates in coordinating policy formulation, reviews of HR Policy Manual and the Standing Orders, develop workforce adjustment strategies including replacement, redeployment and temporary employment schemes to address critical staffing needs.

The HR Policy Director is responsible to guide the current human resources practices and future civil service reforms which define the responsibilities, accountabilities and authorities associated with the management of human resources within the Government of Liberia.


The HR Policy Director is responsible to ensure the availability of adequate HR Policy options to facilitate decision-making by the strategic and political leadership of the Civil Service; and to provide best practice systems, procedures, and processes to facilitate HR Policy formulation through thorough stakeholder’s engagement and participation.

General Management Functions:

  • Liaise with the Strategic Planning and Forecasting Section for planning and policy matters,
  • Engage with the DDG-HRMP and the Director for Research Strategic Planning and Monitoring & Evaluation Directorate on HR Planning and Policy trends and proffer recommendations,
  • Review and update the HR, Social Welfare, and National Training Policies in the Civil Service, and
  • Prepares and submits monthly/quarterly and annual reports to facilitate management decision-making on HR Policy issues in the Civil Service of Liberia.

Technical Duties/Functions:

  • Collaborate with the Career Management & Training Directorate to draft, manage, review, and update the National Civil Service Training Policy with emphasis on employee development, performance management, talent management, training, and succession planning in the Civil Service,
  • In consultation with DDG-HRMP, collaborate with MACs and partners of the civil service to develop and maintain workforce adjustment strategies, including replacement, outplacement, redeployment, and temporary employment and schemes to address critical staff needs,
  • Develop the range of tools necessary for implementing new policies including training programs, manuals, learning aids and liaising closely with the department for employment services in putting together work plans for implementation of policy,
  • Develop policies to ensure long-term effectiveness of Human Resources in the Civil Service and align the current suite of HR Policies to reflect internationally recognized best practice,
  • Work with the Research Strategic Planning and Monitoring & Evaluation Directorate to undertakes policy research, identifying emerging trends in HR policy and practice and ensure that all HR policies are supporting the Government’s priorities,
  • Reviews sector request for HR policy changes and provides technical assistance.
  • Reviews Government HR policies in support of activities of Ministries, Agencies and Commissions.
  • Initiates HR policy reform and work with Research Strategic Planning Unit to ensure competitiveness and innovativeness of the Civil Service.


  • Operational Plans and Budgets
  • HR Policy Planning and Budgeting Framework.
  • HR Policy guidelines.
  • Social Development and Welfare Policy Guidelines.
  • New Innovations on HRM
  • Quarterly and Annual Performance Reports.