Mission & Vision Statement

The Mission of the Civil Service Agency is to build a Civil Service that has the capacity, competence, and motivation to deliver sustainable good governance to the nation. This will be achieved by rigidly enforcing the principle of selecting personnel based on merit, training, and the application of best practices in Human Resources Management, and policy advice to the Government. The Mission sets out the framework to ensure the sustainable development of a highly skilled, professional, and results-oriented civil service by:

  1. Ensuring the availability of the right human resources with requisite competencies, knowledge, and attitudes for improved service delivery;
  2. Providing policy advice to the Government in key areas of civil service management through:
  3. Organizational restructuring and rightsizing;
  4. Staffing configuration and job evaluation;
  5. Pay and grading;
  6. Pension and benefits;
  7. Leadership development; and
  8. Gender equity.
  9. Reorganizing the performance management system by enacting policies and procedures for use across the Civil Service; and
  10. Protecting the rights of civil servants.

The vision for the management of human resources in the Government of Liberia is one that emerges from the Civil Service Reform agenda for 2008 – 2011, which states:

“A robust, professional and adequately compensated Civil Service that effectively and efficiently delivers high-quality services to the people, aimed at improving and sustaining their quality of life”.

This Vision includes human resources priorities for the Liberian Civil Service that will:

  1. Facilitate the establishment of a strong Civil Service leadership cadre that avails itself of modern human resources practices;
  2. Establish a set of core human resources programs and services that can effectively support the achievement of the mandate of each line institution;
  3. Institutionalize human resources practice across the Civil Service in order to build a community of qualified human resources professionals.

Thus the Civil Service strives to be the premier institution dedicated to the development of a highly-skilled, efficient, and effective civil service for the people of Liberia.