Director, Administration & Finance

Alexander E. Bassey

Director, Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS)

Isaac G. F. Gorvego

Director, Monitoring & Evaluation

Roland Kallon

Director, Employment Services

Claudius J. Broderick

Director, Career Management & Training



Director, HR Policy

Dorothy M. Kiepeeh

Director, Management Services

Rufus K. Johnson

Director, Welfare

Augustus M. Kamara

Director, Human Resource Management

Denise K. J. Suah

Director, Legal 

Varney J. Boakai


Deputy Director

Deputy Director, Employment Services

Gloria T. Doe-Kulah

Deputy Director, HRMIS

Joe G. Greaves

Deputy Director, Strategic Planning, Research & Statistics

Julius S. Parker, Jr.

Deputy Director, Client Services Standard

Ignatius A. Geegbae

Deputy Director, Performance Management

Deputy Director

Deputy Director, Rural Outreach Decentralization

Sylvia A. Squire

Deputy Director, Training & Development

Deputy Director

Deputy Director, Career Management

Amelia V. C. Kollie

Deputy Director, Pay & Benefits

Charles B. Allen

Deputy Director, Payroll System

Kormasah Sherman

Deputy Director, Finance

Deputy Director, Monitoring & Evaluation

Wellington O. Nagbe

Technical Assistant

Office of the DDG HRM/P

Edwin K. Jallah

Technical Assistant

Office of the DDG Admin

Robert K. Bolay, Jr.

 Head of Information & Communication Technology

Joseph N. N. Swen

Head of Communications

Procurement Officer

Principal Procurement Officer

Christine Dono

Assistant Legal Officer

James M. Blamah

Assistant Director, Complaints & Grievances

Darylene Dixon-Swaray

Deputy Director, Pension

Clinton Cummings

Assistant Director, Payroll

Meima Kanneh

Assistant Director, Welfare & Employee Support Services