Role and Responsibility of the CSA’s Communications and Public Relations Unit

Communications and public relations are crucial for any institution to build a positive image, create a strong reputation, and maintain relationships with employees, stakeholders, the general public, and external media outlets. Communications and public relations are the processes of sharing information on behalf of an entity to build relationships and influence public perception. In today’s intercommunication era, communications and public relations are two of the most effective ways to showcase an institution’s strategies and create a solid online reputation. It is no secret that entities that invest a tremendous amount of time and effort in affecting their communications and public relations affairs have larger returns with better positive and admirable reputations.

It is for this purpose that the Civil Service Agency of Liberia established the Communications and Public Relations Unit to timely inform and acquaint civil servants and the public about the roles and happenings of the agency.

Hence, the Communications and Public Relations Unit (CPRU), directly assigned under the office of the Honorable Director-General of the Civil Service Agency, is to provide media-related support to the Director-General’s office in helping to plan, coordinate, and disseminate information to clarify the mandate, vision, and mission of the agency through every user-responsive platform, be it electronic, print, etc.

In a nutshell, the CPRU gives media support to the office of the Director-General and the agency by extension; its key component is to maintain the agency’s positive image and coordinate communications strategy. Generally, by creating text and video content, such as publications for the agency’s website and social media platforms, press releases, and other marketing materials to promote awareness or provide information to the public,.

The CPRU works closely with all divisions and specialized units of the agency to ensure it understands its dynamics to properly disseminate via social media, media relations, and external media outlets to the public, thereby increasing the agency’s news media presence and ensuring a consistent voice across different communications channels.