The ICT Section is committed to delivering reliable and innovative technology solutions, services, and support to empower the Civil Service Agency in fulfilling its mandate and adapting to the evolving needs of stakeholders. Through strategic planning, effective implementation, and continuous improvement, the ICT Section aims to lead the agency’s digital transformation, creating a modern and an efficient work environment.


Enhancing Information Management:

The ICT Section establishes robust information management practices to ensure secure, accurate, and timely data handling. This involves efficient database management, implementation of data governance frameworks, and promotion of data integrity and confidentiality.

Optimizing IT Infrastructure:

The ICT Section is responsible for managing and maintaining the Agency’s IT infrastructure, ensuring its reliability, scalability, and security. This objective is achieved through proactive monitoring, regular maintenance, and strategic upgrades of servers, networks, and IT resources.

Providing User Support and Training:

The ICT Section is dedicated to delivering responsive user support, promptly addressing IT-related issues, offering technical assistance, and conducting training programs to enhance digital literacy. By doing so, users are empowered to effectively leverage technology in their work.

Driving Innovation and System Development:

Fostering a culture of innovation, the ICT Section actively researches emerging technologies, explores opportunities for process automation, and collaborates with stakeholders to develop and deploy innovative software applications and systems that meet the agency’s evolving needs.

 Ensuring Information Security:

The ICT Section places a high priority on information security. It implements robust cybersecurity measures, conducts regular risk assessments, and promotes awareness and adherence to security policies and procedures. These efforts safeguard sensitive information against cyber threats.

The ICT Section is overseen by the Deputy Director (Chief Information Officer) and reports directly to the Deputy Director General for Human Resource Management and Policy. The section is structured into three specialized units, each led by a dedicated manager:

User Support & IT Services Unit:

This unit provides prompt technical assistance and serves as the initial point of contact for IT-related issues. They efficiently manage service requests, ensuring quick problem resolution under the supervision of the unit manager.

IT System Management Unit:

Responsible for maintaining the agency’s IT infrastructure, this unit ensures the smooth operation of servers, databases, networks, and security systems. Their objectives include proactive monitoring, regular maintenance, upgrades, and overall system security.

Systems Development Unit:

Focused on tailoring software solutions for the agency, this unit collaborates with stakeholders to understand operational needs. They engage in the full software development life cycle, delivering reliable and user-friendly applications that optimize processes.