Employment Services

The Employment Services Directorate is responsible to ensure the provision of standardized and consistent employment services throughout the Civil Service. Under the guidance of the Principal Administrative Officer (PAO), it ensures merit-based recruitment, selection and promotions in the Civil Service while making sure there is full compliance with the Civil Service eligibility criteria; all employees have sat and passed the civil service exam. Subsequently, it maintains a list of candidates who are eligible for employment, having passed the required examinations. This Directorate promotes transparent employment practices which leads to Civil Service personnel actions being made based on merit. It champions the welfare of serving and retired civil servants by ensuring they receive their appropriate entitlements, such as leave and pension benefits, on time. The Directorate ensures the dissemination of information to ministries and agencies through the assigned civil service analysts whose responsibility is to assist ministries and agencies in preparing their personnel listings so that personnel cost remain within budgeted allotment approved by the Department of the Budget, Ministry of Finance.