CSA To Introduce New Staff Attendance Template Within the Public Sector

Robert Serge Saint-Pé

Government, like any establishment, considers staff attendance as an important aspect of every institution; hence by monitoring attendance, entities can determine which staff arrive early, on time, or consistently late. Taking this into account, the Civil Service Agency (CSA) is now introducing a database template to collect necessary data on Public Servants’ monthly attendance as a means to enhance efficiency and streamline time management processes within the civil service.

The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Division of the Civil Service Agency organized a four-day training session for the Government of Liberia (GOL) Human Resource Managers (HRs) and their Technical Analysts on the basis of implementing a new Excel Attendance sheet to collect monthly reporting, as well as refreshing HRs on their roles and functions with reliance on the Standing Orders of the Civil Service.

The organizing Division through its Director – Mr. Isaac G. F. Gorvego and his team lectured participants on the new Excel procedures; and thereby, referenced the reliance of the Attendance Reporting on the Standing Orders of the Civil Service; for which they were urged to take the process very seriously.

Speaking on the severity of the training, the Director-General of the Civil Service, Hon. James A. Thompson, highlighted the importance of the attendance record; stating that the records can help solve various issues including – actions against constant late comers and absentees; and in conducting employees’ performance review. He emphasized that civil servants are the key to developing Government’s policies into action, and urged HRs to be professional in the discharge of their respective functions instead of covering up for staff whenever they are late and or absent.

Hon. Thompson said, the Civil Service Agency being the HR arm of Government, dreams to enhance the work capacity and performances of Civil servants by equipping them with all of their necessary tools. He affirmed that the goal is gradually becoming a reality as the Agency has now established the Civil Service Training Center – which is in full swing; to be followed shortly by the opening of an HR Hub. The HR Hub is expected to facilitate the needs of HRs who may endure difficulties with electricity, internet, or computer malfunction from their various institutions.

The Deputy Director-General for Human Resource Management and Policy, Hon. Onikeh Smythe-Jackson who also spoke, and cautioned Human Resource Directors to deviate from signing the Personnel Action Notices (PANs), writing of warning letters, suspension letters, dismissal letters, or put-up employment notice without the knowledge or directive of the heads of their respective institutions. She further reminded HRs to submit their attendance to the CSA by the 10th of every month for the previous month.

Participants applauded the exercise, stating it allowed them to get more details of the Standing Orders of the Civil Service in relation to the revamped attendance reporting system which will take immediate effect as of August, 2023.

The four-day training session was held in the Civil Service Training Center, EJS Ministerial Complex, Congo Town, Monrovia, Liberia. The training hosted around eighty (80) HRs and Analysts from sixty (60) of the one-hundred three (103) governmental institutions.

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