Women of CSA Celebrate Mother’s Day in Grand-style

-Dioda Wreh-Seekey

The month of May, globally recognized in appreciation and celebration of mothers for the significant roles they play in the upkeep of family and society at large, was overwhelmingly observed by women of the Civil Service Agency (CSA) as they deservingly honored and celebrated the selfless love, sacrifices, and extraordinary endurance of mothers of the Agency, recounting the outstanding and exemplary motherhood women of the Agency exhibit at the workplace.

The event, held on May 30, 2023 within the Agency’s 4th floor conference room was dedicated to recognizing the dual roles of professional and familial responsibilities that women serve in society, saw several notable women honored for their timeless efforts in the workplace. Among the honorees, Mrs. Veronica B.K. Worlu-Kama was celebrated as Mother of the Year, with other women recognized as special mothers in the likes of Mrs. Gloria Doe Kulah, Madam Tutu Holmes, Madam Gbor Johns, Madam Peninah W. Francis, Madam Frances R. Grimes, Atty. Denise Jallah Suah, and Mrs. Amelia V. Cuffy Kollie.

In her opening remarks, Maudlyn E. Kortee, President of the CSA Women’s Association, emphasized the importance of the program in celebrating and honoring mothers for their resilience and sacrifices. “The journey towards creating an inclusive work environment powered by mutual support among CSA women cannot be overemphasized,” she stated, highlighting the crucial role women play in the Agency’s agenda.

Ms. Siatta L. A. Gray, Human Resource Director of the National Public Health Institute (NPHIL) and the event’s guest speaker, praised the honorees for their immense strength and dedication. “Women in service embody a dual role that requires immense strength and sacrifice. They are the unsung heroes who ensure the wheels of society keep turning smoothly while also being the cornerstone of the family,” she said.

Speaking on the topic “Sisterhood in Service,” Ms. Gray called for a united front amongst women in the workplace. “When women support women, magic happens. This means being a shoulder to lean on, celebrating each other’s success, and offering encouragement and constructive feedback in times of failure,” she explained. Ms. Gray urged the creation of mentorship programs and safe spaces where women can share experiences without fear of gossip or betrayal. “Let’s create a workplace where women actively champion each other’s growth, where every achievement is celebrated without backbiting, and where we collectively work towards breaking down barriers,” she added.

Mrs. Veronica B.K. Worlu-Kama, the Mother of the Year, expressed her gratitude for the recognition. “I appreciate your support and for choosing me among many women to be honored today. May God bless every one of you for coming,” she asserted. Ma Vero, as she is commonly called, spoke on the importance of being humble and God-fearing, stating that without such attributes she wouldn’t have been the person she is today. She worked at the Agency for about 37 years and is one of the few dedicated civil servants who will soon be pensioned.

In a supportive message, Deputy Director-General for Human Resource Management and Policy, Hon. Darlington A. P. Smith, applauded the Women’s Association for their resilience and efforts toward a better world. “I salute my late mother and all mothers, women of peace, on the celebration of Mother’s Day,” he declared.

The women’s celebration not only underscores the pivotal role of mothers in society but also highlights the importance of solidarity and support amongst women in the professional sphere.

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