Media Association Bestows Prestigious Award on Hon. Joekai as Most Accomplishing Government Official

Robert Serge Saint-Pé, Photography: Abu Kamara

The Director-General of the Civil Service Agency (CSA), Hon. Josiah F. Joekai, Jr., has been recognized and awarded a Prestigious Award for his outstanding contribution and progressive achievements through his exemplary leadership, which have set a new benchmark for the civil service of Liberia under the President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr. administration, by the Association of Liberia Online Media (ALOM) in a ceremony held on June 12, 2024.

Hon. Joekai, who has served as Director-General for just three months, has already implemented significant reforms that have greatly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the civil service. His commitment to fostering a culture of accountability and integrity within the public service has not gone unnoticed. Under his leadership, the CSA has seen the introduction of groundbreaking policies aimed at the empowerment of civil servants in various public institutions across Liberia, which has elevated the standards of service delivery and administrative efficiency.

Alexander Reginald Bates, Chief Executive Officer of ALOM, presented the award to Hon. Joekai. Bates praised Hon. Joekai’s unparalleled dedication and excellence in transforming the civil service sector, highlighting that his efforts have brought the Agency to new heights.

“The accolade bestowed upon the erudite and illustrious Director-General of the Civil Service Agency is a testament to his unwavering commitment to enhancing the public sector,” Bates stated.

Responding to the honor, the Director-General expressed his gratitude, emphasizing that the recognition is a collective achievement. He acknowledged the support of his two Deputy Director-Generals, Hon. Darlington A.P. Smith and Hon. Dahnu Mianyen, along with the entire CSA team, and pledged to continue striving for excellence in serving the nation.

ALOM, a professional organization in Liberia, brings together online media practitioners to promote responsible journalism, uphold media ethics, and advocate for press freedom in the digital space.

The Director-General’s efforts in implementing reforms and improving the efficiency of the Civil Service Agency (CSA) in such a short time are indeed commendable and worthy of the honor.

Awards like these not only honor the individual but also set a standard for others in public service to aspire to. It’s clear that under his leadership, the CSA is making strides towards a more accountable and effective civil service, which is crucial for the development of any nation.

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