CSA’s Result-Oriented Boss Scores “A” for Unprecedented Accomplishments in 100 Days of Stewardship

Dioda Wreh-Seekey, Photograph: Robert Serge Saint-Pé

A renowned community-based advocacy group in Liberia, named Citizen Action Network (CAN), graded Hon. Josiah F. Joekai, Jr., Director-General of the Civil Service Agency, with a score of “A” for his unprecedented and remarkable accomplishments during his first hundred (100) days as Head of the central government agency known as the Human Resource Arm of Government, statutorily responsible for the supervision and management of the Civil Service or Public Service, on June 13, 2024.

According to CAN Secretary General Kennedy Doe, the score and honor exemplify gratitude for Hon. Joekai’s exemplary leadership and the positive impact he has had on the civil service agency and the nation as a whole.

CAN SG acknowledged several achievements, such as his quest to sanitize the entire civil service sector by championing the call for enhanced transparency and accountability in the public sector, his improved service delivery, employee welfare and development, fighting corruption, and ensuring meritocracy over favoritism and political patroness.

“We appreciate your commitment to upholding ethical standards and fostering a culture of integrity and fairness while we celebrate these achievements. We also recognize that there’s room for further improvement, Secretary General Doe stressed.

CAN, at the same time, recommended continued training and capacity building, the expansion of anti-corruption measures, along with the promotion of diversity and inclusivity, and your empowerment. Adding their support to Hon. Joekai’s efforts to build a more efficient, transparent, and responsive civil service that serves the best interests of all Liberians.

In a surprised but appreciated tone, Hon. Joekai is overwhelmed that the workings of the civil service are now being recognized and appreciated by both local and international organizations in just three months. This is an indication that CSA is now doing what the agency has required over the years.

In furtherance, the Director-General said these recognitions are institutionalized due to the collective efforts of his two Deputy Director-Generals, Hon. Darlington A.P. Smith and Hon. Dahnu Mianyen, including staff of the agency. He emphatically said that, though he is the Director-General of the Civil Service Agency, the information that he often gives out for public consumption is all researched and/or generated by the staff of the agency and through collective efforts. This is why whenever he is honored and awarded for a job done here at the CSA, it is an institutional recognition instead. “The honor and recognition bestowed on me today are also bestowed on the institution,” the honorable Joekai said.

The CSA, being the human resources arm of the government, requires resourceful Liberians with competence and professionalism, void of political favoritism. “At the CSA, there is no Unity Party, CDC, ALP, etc. business here. We focus clearly on competence and professionalism in the interest of the nation,” DG Joekai added.

As a mark of appreciation for achieving such a high-grade point, “A,” the Honorable Director-General was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation, gowned and capped with a well-designed Liberian traditional shirt with cap.

Grateful to the Members of CAN for the honor and award, DG said in manifestation of the honor being an institutional instead just him, he and each of his two deputies would take term on a weekly basis in wearing the shirt and cap, sparking laughter from Deputy Director-General, Hon. Darlington A.P. Smith, CSA’s staff, and members of CAN in attendance.

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