“Even Public Sector Is required to provide top-notch Service Delivery” – CSA’s Staffs being Advised

By: Joseph N. N. Swen

In continuance with the Career Management and Training Directorate’s topical presentation session at regular senior staff meetings, staff walked through on the provision of top-notch quality service delivery.

Monday, October 4, 2021, Mr. Alexander Bassey – Director for HRMIS presented on the topic: Customer Service – Private and Public Sectors Orientation.

Director Bassey in his PowerPoint presentation, underscored the importance of Customer Services – stating, it sets one’s business apart from competitors; makes people loyal to your brand, products, and or services for years.

Detailing the topic, the Presenter defined customer service as the act of supporting customers, creating customer values, and building long-lasting and intimate relationships. Averring that the goal of customer services is to foster long-lasting and intimate customer relationships.

In furtherance, he explains, “when services being provided meet the expectation of customers, it allows them to willingly and continually patronize the services of said provider”.

On the question, is the customer always right? Director Bassey emphasized that the customer service philosophy was never meant to be taken literally. “The point wasn’t that customers should always get their way no matter how outrageous their demands; instead, it was to give employees permission to truly listen to customers and go the extra mile to understand their needs and provide amicable solutions. Though handling difficult customers is challenging for any customer service professionals”.

It is important, however, to show them respect, patience, and care with the thought that your customers are human beings – hence by connecting with them in a human way, would make a big difference in fostering that needed lasting patronage or relationship, he added.

Contributing to the discourse with specific reference to Consultant Gregory Bedell’s inquiry as to why should top-notch quality service delivery be of concern to the government when she (Government) is in no competition, the Director-General Hon. James A. Thompson said that be it public or private sector, top-notch quality service delivery is pivotal and needed; more besides, the public sector is there to provide services to its people.

Director-General Thompson added that to encourage the public to utilize public services, quality delivery is required. For example, if the means of paying taxes is unfriendly or cumbersome with a lot of bottlenecks, taxpayers would feel very reluctant to paying their taxes and thereby stalling revenue generation.

Also using the CSA as a case study, Hon. Thompson said, “people often complain about CSA’s Standing Orders – saying it is too vague for which more entities of government do not follow it”. So, I think the topic is necessary for us here at the CSA”.

Staff commended the Presenter for such needed topic as there were lots of take-homes.

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