Directors Benefit From Vital Internal Training Skills

Robert Serge Saint-Pé

In a bid to enhance leadership and supervision capabilities and promote institutional excellence, directors from the Civil Service Agency (CSA) recently underwent a comprehensive three-day internal training program, organized by the Career Management and Training Division.

The training covered a range of crucial topics; including Conflict Resolution, which was facilitated by Mr. Emmanuel S. Siafa, Ethical Leadership for Quality Production Improvement, led by Mrs. Florence B. Koroma. Additionally, Change Management strategies were shared by Mrs. Ciata Stevens d’Almeida, Openness to Criticism was explored under the guidance of Mr. Raymond K. Zarbay, Emotional Intelligence was delved into by Mrs. Kumba Zotaa-Kiadii, and Evidence-Based Policy was discussed by Hon. James S. Thompson.

Directors gained valuable insights into conflict resolution techniques, equipping them with the skills to effectively manage disputes and foster healthy communication within their teams. The training enables them to instill ethical leadership to promote a culture of integrity and accountability.

Lessons from Change Management provided them with strategies to navigate and guide their teams through periods of transition and organizational change, while the importance of openness to criticism, paved the door to encourage directors to create an environment where constructive feedback and ideas are valued and nurtured.

The training addressed the critical aspect of emotional intelligence, providing directors with tools to guide, understand and manage their emotions effectively. Emotional intelligence skills also showed directors how to create supportive work environments and boost employees’ satisfaction and well-being.

Evidence-based policy enabled directors to have insight learning experience on informed reliable decision-based data and research. By incorporating evidence-based approaches, directors can ensure that policies and decisions are grounded in facts, resulting in more effective governance within the agency.

The directors collectively expressed gratitude for the opportunity that strengthened their respective supervisory capabilities as they were certificated on Monday, July 17, 2023, by the Director-General, Hon. James A. Thompson.

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