Delegates From Ghana Civil Service Training Center Visit CSA

Dioda Wreh-Seekey

As part of efforts aimed at developing dynamic change agents to strengthen institutional capacity for enhanced public service delivery, a high-level delegation of the Ghana Civil Service Training Centre (CSTC) paid a one-day visit to the Civil Service Agency (CSA) to strengthen the alliance between the two countries.

The collaboration signifies a commitment to knowledge exchange, capacity building, and mutual support in the realm of public administration. By fostering such partnerships, both nations can enhance their governance structures and promote effective service delivery to their citizens, a move spearheaded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Making a welcome remark, the Principle Administrative Officer (PAO) and Officer-in-Charge (OIC) at the CSA, Mr. Alfred Drosaye, noted that the visit would help enable and utilize the potential between the two institutions which will positively contribute to national reform agendas.

In response, the principal of the Ghana Civil Service Training Center, Mrs. Dora Dei-Tumi, said the CSTC is ready to partner with the Liberia Civil Service Training Center to build capacity.

“We are thrilled to enable cross-border learning with the Liberia CSTC, and we respect our decades-long cooperation with the Liberian Civil Service Agency,” she added.

Madam Dei-Tumi lauded the Liberia CSTC for their collaborative work with each other and their respective government partners over the years.

Giving an overview of the JICA and Ghana CSTC purpose of the visit, the Head of Training, Mr. Robert Laryea, said that under the auspices of the Office of the Head of the Civil Service, it was established in 1953 to provide training for lower and middle-level personnel in the civil and public services.

Mr. Laryea added that their service includes training to improve the functional effectiveness and efficiency of public and civil servants through adult learning approaches and activities in a well-equipped facility.

For his part, Masashi Yamanaka, JICA Consultant to Ghana at CSTC, said that JICA is currently implementing a two-year project involving the introduction of a learning management system and the development of e-learning courses. He also stated that the project includes Kaizen courses and globally recognized productivity concepts and methods from Japan.

Mr. Yamanaka added that JICA is considering a third-country for training, which involves CSTC hosting training for neighboring countries, therefore encouraging the Liberia CSTC to take advantage of the program to improve the quality of civil servants.

Meanwhile, Mr. Claudius Broderick, Director for Career Management and Training at the CSA, encouraged the Ghana CSTC team to help strengthen the capability of the Liberia CSTC.

The objectives of the Civil Service Training Center is to focus on providing employee training support as a goal in the Civil Service, which helps to promote training and development for all civil servants in line with civil service training and development policies and programs.

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