CSA’s Regional Officers Benefit From A Three-Day Refresher Training

Robert Serge Saint-Pé & Dioda Wreh-Seekey

In a concerted effort to upraise the expertise and capabilities of its regional workforce, the Civil Service Agency’s (CSA) Regional Services Division (RSD) recently organized a comprehensive three-day training session for its regional staff members.

The training session, hosted in collaboration with the Career and Training Division (CMTD) and held in the Civil Service Training Center (CSTC) within the Agency, served as a platform for regional staff from all four regions of the civil service to enhance their skills, deepen their knowledge, and foster a culture of continuous learning and development.

Throughout the comprehensive training, participants engaged in a diverse array of topics, followed by interactive sessions tailored to address the specific needs and challenges encountered in their regional roles, along with learning specific know-hows of the agency.

Topics and facilitators are as follows:

  • Public Service Management: Mr. Alfred Drosaye, Principal Administrative Officer (PAO),CSA
  • Regional Services Division Role in Decentralization: Mr. Daniel Paowalio, Former Consultant, RSD, CSA
  • M&E Strategy for Leeward Counties: Mr. Isacc G. F. Govergo, Director Monitoring and Evaluation, CSA
  • Time Management: Mrs. Kumba Zoota-Kiadii, Assistant Director, CMTD, CSA
  • Importance of the CSA Standing Orders: Mr. Augustus Kamara, Human Resources Director, CSA
  • Performance Management System (PMS): Mr. Ignatius Geegbeh, Deputy Director, Management Services Division, CSA
  • Handling Emotion in Workplace: Mr. Uriah Rico Daniel Innis, President’s Young Professional
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: PrincessMonboe, Senior Training Officer, CSA
  • Legal Procedures to Conduct a Preliminary Hearing of a Civil Servant Complaint: Atty. Denis Suah, Legal Division, CSA
  • Overview of Access Database Management: Mr. Steve Kettor, Deputy Director, RSD, CSA
  • Grievance Management at Counties Level: Mr. James Blama, Assistant Director Complaints and Grievance
  • Formulation of a Communication Strategy for Leeward Civil Servants: Mr. Joseph N. N. Swen, Head of Communications and Public Relations Unit, CSA
  • GoL LPA Scheme Rollout at Counties Level: Mr. Rufus Johnson, Director, Welfare Division, CSA
  • RSD Role in Payroll Management (Accessing Payslips & Updating Employee Information): Mr. Roland Kallon, Director, Pay Benefits and Pension
  • Strengthening Coordination Between RSD & ESD: Mr. Charles Allen, Deputy Director IT-CSM/Pay, Benefits, and Pension, CSA

“The training was conducted to build capacity between regional and non-regional services staff on challenges with their work, which is unique to all regions, stated Mr. Steve Kettor, Deputy Director of the Regional Services Division. He indicated that the face-to-face training with various division experts helped with subjects that the participants were concerned about. Mr. Kettor added, “We expect that attitude will change and productivity will increase, and some of the challenges that we had will be addressed’’.

The training session also provided a valuable opportunity for participants to network with their peers, share best practices, and exchange insights gained from their experiences in the field. Interactive group activities such as presentations, participant recaps on the lessons learned, and adaptation to enhance their workflow encouraged collaborative problem-solving skills and promoted a sense of camaraderie among attendees.

As the training session concluded, the participants lauded the efforts of the CSA Regional Services Division for the hands-on training, which will help refresh their minds on different ideas and knowledge learned. Acknowledging that such human capacity helps to bring seriousness to their jobs.

In the closing remarks, the Principal Administrative Officer (PAO) and Officer-In-Charge, Mr. Alfred Drosaye, commended Mr. Steve Kettor, Deputy Director for the Regional Services Division for hosting such a remarkable training session, and noted that the benefits of this training will help ease the work of participants coming from all four regions of the CSA. He further expressed that all training should be taken seriously, stating, “No business as usual, every training brings something new, especially when CSA has a lot of capacity gaps. Let this training make an impact in your various places of work”.

The successful execution of the training session underscores the CSA’s dedication to fostering a culture of learning, innovation, and continuous improvement within its regional workforce. By equipping staff with the tools and resources needed to thrive in their roles, the agency reaffirms its commitment to delivering high-quality services and upholding its mission of public service excellence.

The Regional Services Division of the Civil Service Agency (CSA), stationed at the National Office in Monrovia, supervises and coordinates the workings of the Regional Clusters, which include: Bomi, Gbarpolu, and Grand Cape Mount Counties; Grand Bassa, Margibi, and Rivercess Counties; Bong, Nimba, and Lofa Counties; while the other regions are Grand Gedeh, Grand Kru, Maryland, River Gee, and Sinoe Counties.

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