CSA Hosts Productive Working Session And Orientation for New Hires

Robert Serge Saint-Pé

Monrovia, Liberia: The Civil Service Agency’s office of the Principal Administrative Officer conducted a one-day Employment Services Division (ESD) working session, onboarding and orientation workshop for its cohort of new hires on Monday, September 25, 2023.

The event, which is a significant step in CSA’s ongoing efforts to ensure that new employees are well-equipped to meet the challenges and responsibilities of their roles within the civil service, sets a positive tone for their careers in public service.

The one-day productive session brought together seasoned professionals who provided the new hires of ESD with insights and knowledge on the Personnel Action Notice (PAN) process as well as to keep them abreast of the core functions of the division.

In a special remark, the Director-General of the Agency, Hon. James A. Thompson, emphasized the critical role of the civil service in promoting good governance and serving the needs of the public. “Our role at the agency is to make sure civil servants are provided with the necessary conspicuous skills to maximize their level of productivity at the forefront of public service excellence”. He further stated that it is important for civil servants to know the PAN process and required the analysts within the ESD to be prompt and proactive in their duties and functions, as they play a key role in conducting the PAN process. The Director-General also used the platform to urge the new hires to fully commit themselves to their tasks upon taking the civil service oath.

The program was divided into two sessions. Session one consisted of walk-through lectures and discussions on three key topics. The PAN process before 2018 was presented by Ms. Ann Lankah, Consultant for ESD; the Current PAN process was presented by Mrs. Amelia Kollie, Deputy Director, Pay and Benefits; and the Alignment of the Civil Service Examination to the PAN process was presented by Ms. Cynthia Andrews, Testing Consultant.

Session two of the workshop provided an in-depth orientation for all 2022 and 2023 new hires at CSA and featured presentations from seasoned civil service leaders and experts within CSA, offering valuable insights into the agency’s mission, vision, and core values. The topics covered included:

Summary of the Civil Service Standing Orders: A comprehensive overview of the agency’s rules and regulations presented by Mr. Augustus Kamara, Director of Human Resource Management (HRM)

Core Functions of the Career Management and Training Division (CMTD): Mr. Claudius Broderick, Director of CMTD, presented an overview of how civil servants can get access to training from within the division.

Performance Standards Across the Civil Service: Mr. Ignatius Geegbae discussed the process of how employee performances are managed within the agency and across all governmental institutions.

The Civil Servants Welfare Scheme: The benefits and process of attaining the Legal Power of Attorney (LPA) Scheme and loan process were discussed by Mr. Peter N. Foleh, Assistant Director of the Welfare Services Division (WSD).

I.T. Services Support: Mr. Robert Bolay, Deputy Director for the Information Communications and Technology Unit (ICT), presented on the important role information and technology play in the civil service and provided a listing of personnel names and contacts of individuals responsible for certain needed services.

The newly hired employees recited the required Civil Servant’s Pledge, which was conducted by the Deputy Director-General of Human Resource Management and Policy, Hon. Onikeh Symthe-Jackson, who, upon administering the oath, advised the new recruits to take pride in their work. In her words, “Our agency takes great pride in recruiting and nurturing top talent, and today’s event marks the beginning of an exciting journey for our new hires. Take pride in what your duties are assigned, and consider yourselves fortunate to be civil servants, as it is a privilege to serve your country”.

The event allowed the new hires to familiarize themselves with the agency’s facilities and internal processes and provided a platform for them to interact with their colleagues and ask questions about their roles and responsibilities.

As the Civil Service Agency continues its commitment to excellence in recruitment and talent development, the working session and orientation workshop welcomed approximately thirty (30) personnel from the agency’s central office and regional offices, ranging from maintenance, security, human resources, administration, welfare, procurement, finance, information technology, monitoring and evaluation, management services, employment services, and that of the Director-General office.

The event stands as a testament to the agency’s dedication to fostering a dynamic and capable workforce. With the added staff, the agency is poised to tackle the challenges of the future and continue its vital work in serving the public interest.



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