CSA Boss Identified with Disadvantaged Youth;

By: Joseph N. N. Swen

As Liberia grapples with relatively infested waywardness and drug-taking amongst its youthful citizenry, a call for every Liberian to be responsive in curbing this national menace can never be overemphasized.

The Director-General of the Civil Service Agency (CSA) welcomes a five-member Disadvantaged and physically challenged Youth Group on Wednesday, October 13, 2021. The Group had come to pay him an impromptus visit at his office seeking assistance.

Putting their plight forward, the Group’s leader Jerry Paye appealed for assistance that would alleviate them from their daily challenges.

In response, Hon. Thompson said, though their appeal is vague, he cautioned them to be truthful in the request and thereby prepared to undertake and sustain whatever assistance rendered. He brought to their attention a situation where a few of their colleagues abused opportunities provided them after he had spent some reasonable cash establishing business proposed.

Hon. Cecelia Coffey-Browne, Managing Director of the National Housing Authority, added, “You people should begin to value and think positively about yourselves. That’s the first step to transforming your lives”. She professed GOD’S intervention upon their lives.

Madam Coffey-Browne was quick to appreciate the kind and quiet humanitarian job carried out by Hon. Thompson. “This is unprecedented because most of us will seek public notice for doing little or nothing, but here you are very quiet all this while. These are selfless interventions that will make this Country better”, Madam Coffey-Browne added.

Charged with the responsibility to profile the Group’s detailed request, the Head of Communication, Joseph N. N. Swen, further told the Group that his Boss is an individual who believes in helping people who are willing to help themselves. ” He is a kind man who is willing to share with needy people who are prepared to change their struggling situation. Whatever he is doing comes from his little income; so, don’t think he has so much and want him to solve all of your problems”. Mr. Swen, therefore, buttressed his Boss’s call for truthful and realistic proposals from the Group.

Members of the Group are Jerry Paye, Emmanuel Paye; others are Josiah Kollie; Anthony Sunday, and Augustine Toe.

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