“Be defined by your impact, not your title” – CSA Boss to Public Servants

Robert Serge Saint-Pé

In a recent stimulating keynote address at a certification program for civil servants, the Director-General of the Civil Service Agency, Hon. James A. Thompson, underscored the importance of public service, which should be the focus of making an impact at various assignments rather than fixating their minds on job titles or positions.

Hon. James A. Thompson avidly said that true fulfillment in the civil service sector comes not from the prestige of one’s job title but from the impact they make through their individual’s work career. He reminded the audience that within the civil service, politicians make the policies, and civil servants transmit those policies into actions that work for the population.

“Basically, the work that we do in government is public service; everything we do should impact the lives of the people we serve. Our capacity to serve people better depends on how prepared we are, so building skills and capacity must always be a focus”.

With civil service being a noble calling that comes with the essence of professionalism rooted in service to the community and to the nation, the DG reminded civil servants to behave professionally whenever transacting with people so as to not create the mindset that government employees are reluctant to deal with issues while expecting better service from private institutions.

Throughout his address, the CSA Boss mentioned that the skills gathered within the training will not only be used for individuals to grow within their divisions in terms of capacity building and promotion, but the skills acquired will also be taken with them if they are to work at other places.

“As an individual, you should also motivate yourself because you have life outside of here. One day, you will have bigger challenges. There are a lot of people who left the agency and are now working in the private sector, and they are making headway through the skills they build, their work approach, and their attitude toward their work”, Hon. Thompson asserted.

Hon. Thompson thanked the participants for taking an interest in the training and stated that with such a mindset, it meant that they take their career seriously and that they yearn for growth. He also highlighted the necessity of making a difference by adding something positive to their tasks that will remain as their legacy when they are no longer around.

The Director General’s words resonated deeply with the audience, and his speech concluded with a rousing round of applause. Attendees expressed their gratitude for the enlightening insights that will undoubtedly influence their approach to public service.

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