A Swedish Agency Honors CSA’s Boss for His Outstanding Accomplishments

Robert Serge Saint-Pé

Monrovia, Liberia: In a heartfelt gesture of recognition, a Swedish agency, Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA), Liberia presented a symbolic pen to the Director-General of the Civil Service Agency (CSA), acknowledging his exemplary service and outstanding accomplishments in advancing the public sector in Liberia.

The FBA Project Manager, Mr. Pär Sköld, who presented the symbolic pen on behalf of the agency, showered praise on Hon. James A. Thompson for his impact and dedication in upholding the principles of good governance and enhancing the capabilities of the civil service. He followed up his remarks by giving the significance of the inscription on the pen, “Folke Bernadotte, in place of arms,” which symbolizes courage and compassion for humanity.

Mr. Pär Sköld took the time to appreciate and express gratitude towards the Director-General’s unwavering commitment to public service and his remarkable achievements in fostering excellence within the civil service.

Hon. Thompson who was visibly surprised and moved by the gesture, expressed gratitude for the recognition, emphasized the importance of the collaboration between the two agencies, and encouraged a continuous partnership towards the development of Liberia.

His Excellency Urban Sjorstrom, the Ambassador of Sweden to Liberia, witnessed and commended Honorable Thompson for the wonderful job done at the Agency. The Ambassador also expressed delight that Sweden, through the FBA, is making a significant impact on the governance of Liberia in the area of the rule of law and with the partnership, services delivery within the public sector would be more efficient.

The symbolic pen served as a lasting token of appreciation and a reminder of the dedication required to propel Liberia’s civil service to new heights. The Director-General now stands as a testament to the impact that visionary leadership can have on the public sector. The partnership between the CSA and FBA has given rise to the establishment of the Civil Service Training Center.

The Folke Bernodotte Academy (FBA) is commissioned by the Swedish Government to work for peace, security, and development in conflict-affected countries, re-establishing links with civil servants across Africa as part of Sweden’s development aid.


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