A Joint High-power Delegation of Nigeria paid a One-day Working Visit to the CSA

Joseph N. N. Swen

A Delegation comprised of the National Salaries, Income & Wages Commission directly under the Nigerian Presidency; and senior Management from the Nigeria Port Authority on Wednesday, September 8, 2021 had an inquiry-assessment Meeting with the Civil Service Agency (CSA) of Liberia.

Head of the Delegation Commissioner (Dr.) Ezeanwu Emeka Clement said the Visit which is focused on Regional Pay Remuneration Study and Assessment, is the Government of Nigeria policy from time to time to carry out Knowledge-inquiry-assessment visit to sister African Countries to gather information on salaries and income generation structures required for comparative assessment and decision in matters of staff compensation of Nigeria and other Human Resource Management issues especially for the National Port Authority of Nigeria.

Commissioner Dr. Ezeanwu Emeka Clement informed the CSA that the National Salaries, Income and Wages Commission which is directly under Presidential supervision, is responsible to regulate and or be in the know of all public sector’s spending and salary structures.

On her part, the Head of the CSA Delegation – Hon. Onikeh Smythe-Jackson, Deputy Director General for Human Resource Management & Policy extended Director General James A. Thompson’s warmest salutation; and thereby welcomed the Delegation on behalf of the CSA; emphasizing that considering the level of Nigeria’s human resource capacity, it is an honor that Liberia is chosen in its knowledge-inquiry assessment tour.

Hon. Smythe-Jackson briefly provided the role of the CSA; stating, the Civil Service Agency is central government Human Resource Management organ responsible for ensuring a Merit-oriented System throughout the Civil Service; as well as ensuring that the rights of Civil Servants are properly protected and that uniformly high standards of personnel administration are practiced in every ministry and agency of Government.

Members of the Nigeria’s Delegation were: Commissioner (PhD.) Ezeanumu Emeka Clement of the National Salaries, Income & Wages Commission; Captain Sylvester Owobu – Assistant General Manager for Harbors, Nigeria Port Authority; Mrs. Hariratu Maina Mohammed – General Manager for Human Resource Manager, Nigeria Port Authority; and Mrs. Maiwada Haaliza Ibrahim – Principal Manager for Operation/Human Resource Management – Nigeria Port Authority.

Also from the CSA were: Hon. (Mrs.) Onikeh Smythe-Jackson – Deputy Director General for Human Resource Management & Policy; Mr. Alfred Drosaye – Principal Administrative Officer; Mr. George B. Wah – Special Technical Assistant to the office of the Director General; Mr. Roland Kallon – Director for Payroll; and Richard Peewu – Deputy Director for Payroll.

In his closing remarks, Nigeria’s Head of Delegation expressed that his Team is overwhelmingly appreciative for useful information and highest level of cooperation from the CSA; assuring that information provided shall be treated with utmost confidentiality.

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