Senior Management Team


Hon. James A. Thompson


Hon. Teetee R. Pailey

Deputy Director-General for Administration


Deputy Director-General for  HR

Alfred Drosaye

Principal Administrative Officer

George B. Wah

Special Technical Assistant

Office of the Director-General

Charlesetta H. Peters

 Director, General Administration & Finance.


Director, Civil Service Reform  (CSRD)

Alexander E. Bassey

Director, Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS).

Isaac G. F Gorvego

Director, Monitoring & Evaluation


Director, Employment Services

Claudius J. Broderick

Director, Career Management and Training Directorate

Bill McGill Jones

Director, HR Policy

Roland D. Kallon

Director, Pay, Benefits & Pensions

Dorothy Meatee-Kiepeeh

Director, Management Services

Wellington O. Nagbe

Technical Assistant

Office of the Deputy Director-General  for HR Policy 

Denise K.J Suah

Legal Officer

Varney J. Boakai


Augustus M. Kamara

Deputy Director, Human Resource Management

Edwin K. Jallah

Deputy Director, General Administration & Finance.

Rufus K. Johnson

Deputy Director for Pensions

Richard M. Pewee

Deputy Director, Employment Services

Gloria T. Doe Kulah

Deputy Director, HRMIS

Joe G. Greaves

 Deputy Director  for Strategic Planning , Research  & Statistics , Monitoring  & Evaluation

Julius S. Parker, Jr.

Deputy Director for Clients Services Standard

Ignatus A Geegbae

Deputy Director for Performance Management

Nyemade T Bedell

 Deputy Director, Rural Outreach Decentralization Directorate

Amelia V. C. Kollie

Deputy Director Pay & Benefit

Darlington A. P. Smith

 Deputy Director for Project Management, Civil Service Reform Directorate

Robert K. Bolay, Jr.

Assistant Director for Information Technology Services 

Darylene M. Dixon-Swaray

 Assistant Director for Pensions