Speech of the Director-General of the CSA Hon. Laurine W. Johnson served as Co-Launcher.

    Speech of the Director-General of the CSA Hon. Laurine W. Johnson served as Co-Launcher.
    Photo credit: Melvin Pawa

    The Director-General of the CSA Hon. Laurine W. Johnson served as Co-Launcher during the LIPA Lecture Series held in honor of Dr. Augustus F. Caine.

    Honorable members of government; distinguished participants; ladies and gentlemen. It is my proud privilege and honor to co-launch with the Liberia Institute of Public Administration, on this occasion which marks the first in a series of lectures commemorating the legacy of Dr. Augustus F. Caine, and bringing forth through a miscellany of subjects that include accountability, governance, management, government development initiatives and private sector development.

    In the face of challenges, of providing more and better services to the public while at the same time engaging in cost containment measures, new methods, techniques and opinions, needs to be explored to answer these challenges. Fundamental to the success of improving the utility of the public sector to enhance the services offered the citizenry and improve the general state of things, would be a capacitated public service. This is where the CSA and the primary public service institute, the Liberia Institute of public administration (LIPA) comes in.

    LIPA is distinctively placed to enhance the capacity of public servants to meet the leadership, policy and delivery challenges they face. They do this directly through learning and training programs, and sometimes indirectly, as we are doing right now, by encouraging discussions that contributes to public service effectiveness and wellbeing of the state. The CSA supports this because as some of you may know the CSA is charged with the responsibility of providing common standards of human resources management across the civil service and sound management mechanisms and capacities that guarantee the uniform application of those standards. It is this thorough management and capability that assures success of the government’s agenda.

    We are all encouraged to take these discussions seriously, most especially the hardworking team here at LIPA, because in order to remain relevant and responsive, LIPA needs to constantly adapt their programs to the changing needs of government. This lecture series will provide useful inputs to syllabuses and the design of training programs in order to align the learning and development programs offered to public servants with suggestions from national and international stakeholders.

    We have high hopes for this series, and once again on behalf of the Civil Service Agency of Liberia, we thank you all for participating in this dialogue.

    Thank You