Hon. Weh's Press Statement

    Hon. Weh's Press Statement
    Hon. Weh's Press statement Photo credit: Moses Owne Browne, Jr
    Statement delivered by Hon. Othello K. Weh
    Deputy Director-General for Administration
    Civil Service Agency Republic of Liberia
    Ministry of Information Regular Press Briefing
    Thursday, June 22, 2017 @ 11am prompt
    Introductory statement 
    Cllr. Jeddi Mowbray Armah, Deputy Minister for Press & Public Affairs, Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs & 
    Tourism, members of the press; fellow Liberians; ladies and gentlemen:
    We first want to give God the glory; for great things He has done. We thank God that we can reach at this point where we 
    can and share our ideas freely. 
    We want to also thank all the Civil Servants and Public Servants across our Country including the Doctors, the nurses, and 
    the healthcare workers; the teachers, and supervisors of schools, the DEOs, CEOs, the staff in our offices, the police, 
    the immigration officers and all employees of government. 
    On behalf of the Civil Service Agency, we thank you for service delivery in your respective places of work. I am here 
    today representing Dr. Puchu Leona Bernard, Director-General of the Civil Service Agency, Republic of Liberia. 
    Dr. Bernard is in the United States of America attending a World Bank meeting in Washington DC, 
    Fellow Liberians, on behalf of the leadership of the Civil Service Agency and all public servants across Liberia, we 
    extend special thanks and appreciation to Her Excellency Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of the Republic of Liberia 
    for the issuance of a proclamation declaring Friday, June 23, 2017 as a working holiday in observance of African Public 
    Service Day. 
    Her action is an indication of her recognition of the importance of motivating civil servants as well as public servants 
    to excel and devote to duty.  As the President is touring the counties thanking her citizens, we wish to thank her and to 
    recognize her pivotal role as a Senior Public Servant over the years.
    Of historical importance, when President Sirleaf took over in 2006; she became interested in reforming and transforming 
    the Civil Service. The minimum salary at that time was $850 Liberian Dollars. Today, the minimum salary in government is 
    $125 United States Dollars. 
    We are grateful and thankful for the political will, her fervent support and commitment to the Civil Service Reform 
    initiatives.  Among other things at the Civil Service Agency, we have developed a strong merit based system to the extent 
    that Her Excellency relies on our selection and recruitment   Nationally, Liberia wishes to join member states of the 
    African Union for the celebration of “Africa Public Service Day” under the national Theme: “The Role of Youth in National 
    Service Delivery in Liberia.” 
    The National Theme is consistent with the continental theme: “Entrenching a citizen-centred service delivery culture: 
    Partnering with the youth for Africa’s transformation.” 
    According to Liberia’s Demographics Profile 2016, about 82.9% of the country’s estimated population of 4.3 million is 
    youth. Therefore, the role of youth in service delivery or any other development initiative in Liberia is critical.
    What are the objectives of celebrating Public Service Day:
    This Day, amongst others, enables public and or civil servants to:
    Reflect on the function of the public service; its mission and objectives, programs and projects, successes and 
    challenges; by giving recognition to and making known the importance of the civil service. 
    Motivates and encourage public servants to continue the good work done and to come up with new initiatives and 
    innovations; by obtaining feedback from the citizenry on services rendered; 
    And of course prepare the public service and administration for a better future by proposing change for the social 
    wellbeing of the population.
    Members of the press, fellow Liberians, on tomorrow, Friday, June 23rd, Liberia will join the rest of the African 
    continent in observance of Public Service Day. 
    The event will begin with a parade from the ELWA junction to the Paynesville City Hall for a decorative celebration.
    The Civil Service Agency with mandate under the constitution of Liberia to organize such program will recognize civil and 
    or public servants who have performed exceptionally over the years – beyond their normal call of duty.
    We have already received five (5) nominations from five (5) Ministries, Agency and Commissions of the Government of 
    Liberia and selected two (2) winners for this year’s event.
    This year’s event will feature as Guest Speaker, a young woman with so much vigor and passion for youth development and 
    has contributed to the peace building process of Liberia.
    Ms. Satta Sheriff, former Speaker of the Liberian Children’s Parliament and Child Rights Advocate will serve as the Guest 
    We look forward to a massive turnout tomorrow as we celebrate Public Service Day 2017.
    Special thanks to the MICAT family for the opportunity and appreciation to members of the press for coming – may God bless