160 Supervisors Get CSA PSMP Training

    160 Supervisors Get CSA PSMP Training
    Session of Civil Servants trained in Performance Management System Photo credit: Moses Owne Browne, Jr
    As part of the Public Sector Modernization Project (PSMP), Over 160 supervisors including County Education Officers (CEOs), District Education Officers (DEOs), Principals, and school supervisors are undergoing Performance Management System training in Montserrado County.
    In 2008, the Civil Service Agency (CSA) through the Government of Liberia instituted a Civil Service Reform Strategy with six main components including Restructuring and Rightsizing, Pay and Pension Reform, Enhancing Service Delivery in a timely manner, Human Resource Management, Leadership development and Gender Equity.
    The project which is an investment project financed by the Government of Liberia through a loan from the World Bank, USAID and SIDA, has to date trained over 1200 supervisors in performance management system.
    With focus on Improved Pay Management and Pension Reforms, Strengthened Payroll Management, Improved Performance Management, the project intends to ensure the transfer of knowledge and skills on how to manage and implement performance management system.
    Making opening remarks, the Civil Service Agency Deputy Director-General for Administration, Othello Weh, recounted the strides Liberia made prewar days when for example; the John F. Kennedy was the major referral hospital in West Africa.
    He said “people from West Africa would travel to Liberia for quality medical services; attend our schools and go back home with flying colors. But, today we are falling behind. 
    “If you DEOs, CEOs, Principals and school supervisors do well in learning the technical skills being provided, it will reflect in the performance of your students. But, sadly results from our students are not reflecting your performance as supervisors for schools. These are all major performance issues that this training is trying to address,” he said. 
    He indicated “in the Civil Service, we have introduced this Performance Management System across government ministries and agencies to address issues relating to: attracting and retaining competent managerial and professional staff and boost motivation through engagement among civil servants.” 
    “We want to improve alignment of grades to jobs performed by civil servants, improve fairness in the remuneration structure by cleaning the payroll,” he added.
    Mr. Weh however admonished school principals and supervisors to ensure that every staff is supervised and monitored noting “people who work under your direct supervision should be monitored, managed and supervised. Check on their lesson plans, attendance and time.” 
    He mentioned “my message for you today is CHANGE! Let us be the change we want to see in Liberia and it begins with you the civil servants. Let there be a change as the result of this performance management training”.
    “Remember, there are sanctions for poor performances. One can either be demoted and or reassigned. One could also be dismissed due to poor performance. People who also performed exceptionally well get rewards. It could be salary increment, promotion, bonuses among others,” he said.