Employment Services

    This Directorate is responsible for co-ordinating, overseeing and managing all the activities around entry, exit, maintenance, and people development for the civil service. The ESD is a key Directorate in the CSA for interfacing with civil service ministries in the provision of valuable employment services. A major activity for the Directorate is the introduction and implementation of a new Merit Base Appointment policy and process.

    Core Functions

    • Vacancy filling and implementing the Merit Based Appointment vacancy filling process with Ministries.
    • Matching and placing any surplus employees, where appropriate, to vacancies.
    • As appropriate overseeing and implementing any redeployment programme.
    • Ensuring there is an appropriate employee relations framework for the civil service and managing that framework for the civil service which would include employee welfare, health and safety, liaising with appropriate staff organizations etc.
    • Working directly with Ministries and Counties to ensure consistency of implementation of HR Policies and procedures, giving advice and securing specialist advice when required, and undertaking as appropriate O&M Reviews, Job Analysis and any other management services that maybe required.
    • Establishing an appropriate system of performance management for the civil service and overseeing its introduction. Linking the system of performance management to pay and benefits and giving clear guidance to Ministries.
    • Assisting Ministries develop suitable training plans, based on training needs assessment, and in line with national training policy, offering advice and guidance as appropriate, co-ordinating those plans, identifying national trends, monitoring implementation and ensuring all lessons learned are being relayed into the policy development function.