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    The HRMIS Directorate is responsible for the computerization of all HR records. It develops implements and maintains all HR databases. The Directorate also runs and develops management reports and audits from these databases to support the overall development of the civil service. In particular this Directorate is responsible for implementing the biometric project and ensuring that the maximum value and benefits from it are secured for the civil service.

    Core Functions

    • Implements the biometric identification project ensuring that it delivers both the expected outcomes and benefits.
    • Computerizes all employee records and data and maintains the databases.
    • Designs and runs a suit of management reports, audits and programme evaluations as appropriate to assist the management and modernization of the civil service.
    • Monitors compliance by Ministries and other organizations on the implementation of HR policies and practices.
    • Works closely with the Ministry of Finance to ensure integrity of the payroll
    • Provides IT services to support the effective and efficient functioning of the CSA.