General Administration and Finance Directorate

The Directorate is responsible for the internal administration of the Civil Service Agency According to Section 1.2.7 of the Standing Orders for the Civil Service, this Directorate is also responsible “to conduct regular reviews of all procedures being practiced by the Agency”.

It ensures the effective and efficient administration of the day to day operations of the Civil Service Agency. This includes coordinating the CSA’s strategic and operational plans and budgets; provides appropriate personnel and other general services support policies, procedures, systems and processes for the effective and timely service delivery by CSA’s Directorates, Sections and Units. It also ensures that all Offices and Directorates, Sections and Units of the Agency have adequate resources and facilities to carry out the assigned duties and responsibilities. This ensures that financial and accounting functions including the day to day processing of invoices, checks, banking, account receivables and payables, petty cast etc. conform to the Financial Regulations, the internal audit Regulation and the Public Procurement and Concession Regulations and controls.

Finally, as a statutory or non-statutory obligation, this Directorate promotes cordial relationship between the CSA and other public and non-governmental institutions.