Category: Biometrics

    What is Biometrics?

    Biometrics is a software system developed for the removal of duplicates from government’s payroll – named: ‘one employee, one file’. It ensures that the every employee has a file.


    How many Civil Servants have enrolled in Biometrics so far?

    The Civil Service Agency is pleased to report that as of February 2014 nearly 95 percent of Civil Servants in the 24 small- to medium-sized MACs have been enrolled in Biometrics.


    What are ghost workers?

    Ghost are defined as people who are dead but still on the payroll; fictitious names; people who have resigned, been fired or gone absent without leave but are still on the payroll; people who are employed elsewhere outside of government and still on government payroll; people who are on multiple government payrolls.


    What does it mean to be ‘Biometrically enrolled’?