Capacity Building in the Civil Service

    Are there capacity building programs in the Civil Service?

    Yes. There are four capacity building programs: the Senior Executive Service, President Young Professionals, Liberia Emergency Capacity Building Program, and Transfer of Knowledge Through Expatriate Nationals. These programs contribute to building capacity in the government.


    Who is eligible to apply for the capacity building programs?

    Any Liberian citizen both local and abroad, who has met the professional requirements and recruitment criteria set forth, is qualified to apply for these programs once vacancies are available.


    Does a candidate have to live in Liberia to be eligible to be considered for one of the capacity building program?

    No. The program is open to Liberians both at home and abroad, as long as they have documentation proving their Liberian citizenship.


    What are the terms and conditions associated with the capacity building programs?

    The specific terms and conditions vary among the different programs, however, all of them are based on contracts that are up for renewal generally each year.


    What is the application process for the capacity building programs?

    Interested candidates are invited to apply online or submit their completed applications via hard copy to the Civil Service Agency, 63 Carey Street, Monrovia, Liberia.


    Can contractors funded by the capacity building programs be absorbed into the regular civil service?

    The government is working to integrate these specialists into the regular civil service under the core budget.