Careers in the Civil Service

    What does transferring from one MAC to another entail?

    A Civil Servant can be transferred from one MAC to another upon the request of the head of the supplying MAC. The transferred employee is usually goes to a higher position. The details are then worked out through the CSA and other relevant institutions including the Ministry of Finance, so that the relevant transfer can be made.


    Can a Civil Servant work in multiple Government Institutions at the same time?

    No. A Civil Servant is not allowed to work in more than one Institution simultaneously.


    When do transfers occur?

    Transfers are done only on the basis of a vacancy that exists within another ministry, agency or commission and not on the basis of dissatisfaction by the Civil Servant.


    Can Civil Servants be suspended?

    A Civil Servant cannot be suspended for time indefinite except the issue that leads to the suspension is an allegation of fraud, which requires longer investigative period by the Ministry of Justice. Other than that, the suspension shall last no longer than 30 days.