Pension and Retirement in the Civil Service

    When is a Civil Servant eligible for pension?

    A Civil Servant is eligible for pension at sixty-five years of age or twenty-five years of service.


    Is pension voluntary?

    No. An employee cannot voluntarily request to be pensioned. He/she must meet the pension requirements as laid down by the government.


    What pension benefits are available to Civil Servants?

    Civil Servants are eligible to receive monthly pension benefits once they have reached the age of 65 or have served 25 years. The amount of the pension benefit depends on the number of years of service as well as the last monthly salary.


    For more information about the pension scheme, please check out the CSA Pension Brochure, found here.


    Are there restrictions to employment once a Civil Servant has been pensioned?

    Yes. If a Civil Servant is pensioned, he/she can only work again in the Civil Service on a contractual basis. He/she cannot regularize his/her status in the service again.