Civil Service Reform Strategy

    Category: Civil Service Reform Strategy (CSRS)?

    What is the Civil Service Reform Directorate?

    The CSRD is the lead department on the civil service reforms that are underway across government. It is comprised of three (3) professionals with extensive knowledge and background on the reforms and the civil service of Liberia. For more information, please visit the CSRD web page.


    What is the Civil Service Reform Strategy (CSRS)?

    The Civil Service Reform Strategy (CSRS) is a roadmap that outlines the steps to transform the Civil Service into a competent, professional, and motivated workforce so that it is effective in sustainable human development. The Government of Liberia adopted the CSRS in June 2008.


    What does the Civil Service Reform Strategy focus on?

    The Civil Service Reform Strategy focuses on Restructuring and Rightsizing, Pay and Pension Reforms, Improving Service Delivery, Human Resources Management, Developing Leadership and Gender Equity in the Civil Service.


    What does restructuring the civil service mean?

    The meaning of restructuring varies according to the Government Institution, and it does not necessarily refer to downsizing. Under the Civil Service Reforms, some institutions will likely be expanded, due to increased mandates or functions or their strategic place. For other Institutions, however, restructuring will likely result in positions being deemed redundant, which will result in layoffs.


    Is there a difference between rightsizing and restructuring?

    Yes. Rightsizing refers to the placing of staff with the right qualification, skills and abilities within the rightful or appropriate department(s), to the right post, while downsizing refers to the laying off of personnel from an institution especially as a result of an institutional assessment that could led to a reduction in the functions and departments of the institution, thereby reducing the staff of that institution.  


    What will happen to Civil Servants affected by the restructuring exercise?

    Civil Servants, who are laid off as a result of the restructuring exercise, will benefit from the Redirected Workers Program. The program is designed to counsel, retrain, reassign and/or redirect lay off workers. It is program intended to reduce separation anxiety from the civil service.


    What will the money that is saved from reforms be used for?

    The money saved will be directed toward other developmental initiatives for the collective good of the country.


    Which Government Institutions are involved in the Civil Service Reforms?

    The three collaborating institutions are the Civil Service Agency (CSA), the Governance Commission (GC), and the Liberia Institute of Public Administration (LIPA).