Employment in the Civil Service


    Are there age requirements to be a Civil Servant?

    Yes. Civil Servants must be between eighteen (18) and sixty-five (65) years old.


    Who can become a Civil Servant?

    There are four basic eligibility requirements. These include Liberian citizenship, good character, between eighteen (18) years old and sixty-five years of age, and no criminal background.


    What is the Civil Service Test?

    The Civil Service Test is a two-hour long written examination that is designed to assess the knowledge, skills, and experiences of candidates interested in joining the Liberian Civil Service. Please note that in order for a candidate to be considered for a vacancy in the civil service, he/she must have passed the civil service test required for the position.


    When is the Civil Service Test offered?

    The Civil Service Test is offered every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 9:00am. To register for the Civil Service Test, please contact Employment Services, 63 Carey Street.


    How often can I take the Civil Service Test?

    You can sit the test up to three times within a year. If you fail, you must wait for at least two months before you will be eligible to sit the exam again. If you fail all three times, you will have to wait one year before you will be eligible to sit the test again.


    What happens if I fail the Civil Service Test?

    If you fail the test, you will have to wait two months before you will be eligible to sit the test again.


    What is the Merit-Based Recruitment and Selection Process?

    This process will ensure that the recruitment and hiring of Civil Servants occurs through a transparent, unbiased, and professional process.


    What does PAN stand for?

    PAN stands for Personnel Action Notice.


    What is a Personnel Action Notice (PAN)?

    A PAN is a requirement document to be hired into the Civil Service. An HR representative at the Ministry, Agency and Commission will fill out the PAN and forward it to the CSA for review and approval. The assigned analyst at the CSA then forwards it to the Department of Budget at the Ministry of Finance for further review. The final step in processing the PAN is send a copy to the Ministry of Finance Electronic Data Processing Unit for inclusion on the payroll and salary disbursement.


    How long does it take to process a PAN?

    It takes ten (10) business days to process a PAN.