About the Civil Service Agency

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    What does CSA stand for?

    CSA stands for the Civil Service Agency.


    Who is the head of the CSA?

    The head of the CSA is the Director-General. The current Director-General is Hon George K. Werner.


    When was the CSA created?

    The CSA was created in 1973 by an Act of the Legislature.


    What does the CSA do?

    The CSA is independent from all other Ministries and Agencies of Government and serves as the central government agency responsible for managing the Civil Service. It is responsible for improving the human resources, service delivery, effectiveness and efficiency of the Service, which entails planning human capacity needs, recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, and career development of Civil Servants. Additionally, the CSA provides policy advice to the Government of Liberia in key areas of the Civil Service including organization, staffing, pay and benefits, pension, conditions of service and human resources development. Ultimately, the CSA ensures that the Liberian civil service is competent, professional and motivated and that it meets the workforce needs of the Government and delivers quality, efficient services to the people of Liberia.


    Where is the CSA?

    The Civil Service Agency is located on 63 Carey Street, Monrovia, Republic of Liberia.


    What is a Civil Servant?

    A Civil Servant is any individual employed within the civil administration of Liberia, which includes teachers and health workers. A Civil Servant is not military or security personnel nor is a Civil Servant an appointed or elected official or contracted to render a particular service to the Government of Liberia.


    What is a Public Servant?

    A Public Servant is one who works for the government of Liberia but is not covered under the Standing Orders of the Civil Service. A Public Servant is often appointed or elected.


    What does MAC stand for?

    MAC stands for Ministries, Agencies and Commissions.


    What is the size of the current Civil Service of the Government of Liberia?

    The present strength of the civil service is approximately 44,000 Civil Servants.


    What are some of the reasons for the decline in the Civil Service?

    The fifteen-year civil war destroyed the Civil Service. The modicum of a merit-based, Civil Service system prevailing in the country was ruined. During the war, Civil Service standards, policies and procedures were largely ignored. Unqualified persons were hired into the Civil Service based on allegiance to warring factions rather than merit.