Policy, Planning Monitoring and Evaluation

    This Directorate is to ensure HR policies are researched, developed and approved to reflect the values and priorities of the Government. And such policies must also enhance the capacity of a modern civil service equipped to deliver objectives of the Liberian government. PPM&E will collaborate effectively with the other directorates to gather all relevant inputs required for sound planning and budgeting to enhance performance of the civil service. It is the responsibility of this directorate to ensure that CSA as a central management agency is engaged in strategic management and proactive planning to systematically position the civil service as a modern institution capable of supporting the governance and development of Liberia.

    Core Functions

    • Develop policies to ensure long-term effectiveness of human resources in the civil service
    • Develop policies to ensure that the right people are put in the right jobs at the right time
    • Prepare HR Plans
    • Modernises the current suite of HR policies to reflect internationally recognised best practice.
    • Develops the range of tools necessary for implementing new policies including training programmes, manual, learning aids and liaising closely with the Department for Employment Services in putting together work plans for implementation of policy.
    • Undertakes policy research, identifying emerging trends in HR Policy and practice and practice and ensuring that all HR policies are supporting the Government’s priorities.
    • Ensures that the Government is fully advised of HR policy trends and practice, and offering professional advice to the Government on the long term development of the civil service.
    • Develops a long term and strategic manpower plan ensuring that the civil service has the right balance and mixture of skills experience and people to deliver the Government’s policy objectives. Monitoring the size, readiness and overall capability of the civil service and advising Government accordingly.


    • Consolidated directorate plans and budgets
    • HR policy planning and budgeting framework
    • HR policy guidelines
    • Social development and welfare policy guidelines
    • Performance monitoring and evaluation policy guidelines
    • HRM manuals
    • Strategic HR plans and programs
    • Consolidated annual and quarterly performance