Terms of Reference of Director-General of the Civil Service Agency

    The purpose of the Civil Service Agency is to increase the efficiency of the Civil Service and to secure for deserving employees a responsible tenure of office and an opportunity for advancement according to merit and seniority and to place the personnel employed by government a competitive merit system. Working under the guidance of the objective of the Civil Service Agency, the Director-General defines the Agency’s strategic vision and is accountable for its implementation and the results achieved.

    The core team of the Director-General consists of two Deputy Director-Generals (HR Policy and General Administration), a Senior Technical Advisor, and an Executive Secretary.

    The Director-General serves as the chief spokesperson of the Agency and reports directly to the President of Liberia.


    The Director-General of the Civil Service Agency is responsible for the overall leadership and management of the Civil Service and the Civil Service Agency’s operational and administrative functions. He/she manages the day-to-day operations of the Agency and ensures that operations are consistent with the policies developed by the Act and are carried out in such a way that meets the requirements of the Act.


    The DG will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for CSA staff, programs, and execution of its mission.

    1. Strategic Planning
    2. Operational Planning
    3. Management and Administration


    (1) Strategic Planning

    • Determine the CSA’s strategic objectives, policies, and procedures.
    • Determine short-term and long-term planning.
    • Ensure that the CSA’s organizational structure, operational policies, and other processes are sound and able effectively to deliver on the strategic objectives defined by the CSA Act.

    (2) Operational Planning

    • Develop and implement operational policies to guide the Agency. Direct the activities of the Agency in a manner such that agreed upon targets are met.
    • Coordinate all efforts toward the goals and strategic plan of the Agency.
    • Ensure meaningful monitoring and evaluation of CSA’s programs and performance and the provision of accurate analysis and routine reporting on the impact and performance of CSA’s policies across the government.
    • Review and report annually, or more often if needed, to the President on overall progress and results against operating objectives and initiate courses of action for improvement.

    (3) Management and administration

    • Exercise authority over personnel and human-resource matters and further strengthen performance management by tracking key performance indicators across the government.
    • Ensures that the right people are in the right place to achieve agreed upon targets.
    • Maintain a positive work environment that facilitates collaboration and information sharing and is conducive to attracting, retaining, and motivating diverse talent.