Management Services

    The MSD is mandated to undertake management reviews, operational audit and systems and operational studies of civil service institutions. It ensures the introduction of measures that engender effectiveness, tackle inefficiency and wastage, and promotes productivity and the optimal utilization of available resources to implement Government’s priority development plans and programs. The MSD also advises the Director-General of the CSA to implement reform initiatives in the Civil Service.

    The primary objective of the MSD is therefore to assist MDAs to continuously strengthen their institutional capacities to enable them deliver efficient and effective services.

    Core Functions

    • Conducts a  programmed Management and Operational Audit of civil service institutions
    • Provides management consultancy services to civil service institutions to ensure efficiency and productivity improvements
    • Conducts programmed job inspection and management reviews throughout the civil service to eliminate unnecessary posts and develop and defining staffing norms and guidelines, realign functions, job descriptions and specifications, and streamline systems and procedures
    • Assists civil service institutions to develop organizational structures and manuals
    • Undertakes job evaluation studies and advices the CSA’s pay, Benefits and Pension Directorate on grading of civil service posts
    • Advises on changes, which civil service institutions may propose to their organizations, systems and procedures of work, etc.
    • Disseminates information about new management techniques to civil service ministries and agencies
    • Advises on the engagement of Management Consultants and application for technical assistance at management levels.