The TOKTEN Program


    The TOKTEN Program was designed by the Government of Liberia and the United Nations Development Program as part of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s multi-pronged capacity building development initiatives.

    The TOKTEN Program began May 1, 2006, upon signing the Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Liberia and the United Nations Development Program. It is intended to facilitate the recruitment of profession al expatriate nationals, as well as those locally available to serve in key capacities in the government and national institutions to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in public sector operations during the period. The date, more than 35 beneficiaries have been field into GOL Agencies and Organizations.


    The project aims to:

    • In the short term: repatriate Liberian nationals to support nation building through the revitalization of government institution;
    • In the long term: consolidate democracy and peace building  and to ensure the sustainability of government operations  through the availability of require human capacity in key institutions.


    The TOKTEN project is being implemented under special arrangement, through UNDP DEX Service Centre. To ensure transparency and accountability in the implementation of the program, a Project Implementing Committee (PIC) is in place. The PIC is comprised of five (5) – Agency Committee Civil Service Agency (CSA) – Chair; UNDP, Co – chair; Ministries of Planning &  Economic Affairs (MPEA) & State (through the Liberian Reconstruction & Development Committee); member; Governance Reform Commission (GRC) (Members).
    The Secretariat of comprised of a Project Coordinator, with an Administrative Assistant, who handles the day- to – day operation of the project.


    For the duration of the contract period, remuneration for the assignment is US $3,500.00 (for expatriate nationals) and US/ 2500.00 (for local professionals) per month and an economy round trip ticket (for expatriate nationals).

    Other requirements of this program, along with the expected deliverables (as detailed in the TOR of your assignment) include: There sets if Achievement / Progress Reports have be completed and forwarded to the Office of the Secretariat during the duration of the contract:  Quarterly Personnel Performance Report and © End of Assignment months[ every three (3) months ],(b) Year End Report and (c) End Assignment Performance Report. ( This provides the basis for the GOL and Donor Agencies, not only to know the contribution made by beneficiaries to see reconstruction efforts, but also attract further support.).

    Reports: Quarterly, Year End and End of Assignment must be submitted by beneficiaries Performance Reports.; and

    For the duration of the contract with the TOLTEN program, beneficiaries cannot not hold any other full time appoints/jobs.

    The beneficiaries (expatriate nationals and local professionals are making contribution to capacity building improvements in public sector management to help the nation building process, bridging the gaps in critical areas of service. The professions of these beneficiaries include:  Administrative, Medical & Surgical Specialists (JFK Medical Center), Civil Service Reform Specialist, Consultants in other various areas of specialty to the Office of the President, Republic of Liberia, Ministries of  Health & Social Welfare, Foreign Affairs, Public Works, Labor, Agriculture, Finance; and other Agencies / Institution: University and The National Oil Company among others.

    Presently beneficiaries (expatriate national and local professionals) are making contribution to capacity building improvements in Public Sector Management and Higher Education to help the nation building process, bridging the gaps  as Medical Doctor  and Specialists, Civil Service Reform Specialist, Consultants, Lawyers & Judicial Experts, Agriculturists and Educators in those various areas (i.e. The Office of the President, Ministries of Health & Social Welfare, JFK Medical Center, Foreign Affairs, Public Works, Labor, Agriculture and Finance; and, Other   Agencies/ Institutions such as The University of Liberia, Cuttington University and the National Oil Company, among others. 

    Other capacity building development initiatives include the Liberia Emergency Capacity Building Support Project (LECBSP) and The Senior Executive Service (SES) Program.